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Zombies (formal name "Citius animatus"),[1] otherwise referred to as the "risen dead,"[2] are a form of undead.



A zombie

Worm-ridden and reeking of foul decay,[1] zombies befoul much of the wilderness of the Western Kingdoms, as well as the tombs and crypts of the whole of Sanctuary. The lowest rank of the undead[3], zombies are formed from the corpses of men executed for committing the most depraved and degenerate crimes against the innocent. They are driven by both the hatred that consumed them in life and an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living[1]

Zombies are tenacious and possess stamina of infernal origin.[1] They move slowly, but with relentless determination, seeking to consume the flesh of the living, serving the darkness blindly and without thought, attacking any living being with their bare hands.[3] Fortunately, these undead minions are lacking in both wit and mobility which can be used to great effect against them.[1] Due to their advanced decay, zombies lack strength.[4] In large groups however, they can overwhelm the unwary.[3] They can infected the living through bites, causing them to turn into zombies themselves. Before the transformation, the infected can become ill.[5]


Zombies appear in most Diablo games. They are always slow, shambling corpses, an Undead cannon fodder at the very early stages of the game:


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  • A DLC for the PS3 version of Diablo III exists that may turn regular zombies of all three types within some Nephalem Rifts into their rough counterparts from The Last of Us game.
  • In Diablo II, idle zombies out of combat can be sometimes heard mumbling "...Brains...", as a reference to the stereotypical zombies.


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