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This quest involves an irritable mage who has secluded himself on level eight. The mage, Zhar the Mad, will himself initiate the quest when approached. He is found in a magic library containing several scrolls as well as a bookcase. He will give the hero a spellbook and tell him/her to leave. Attempting to take the book on the bookcase will infuriate Zhar, and he will attack. Since he is of the Counselor enemy type, he teleports around the room, shooting firebolts at the hero. He may also use the spell, Flash. Defeating him completes the quest.

Zhar Quotes

First Encounter:

"What?! Why are you here? All these interruptions are enough to make one insane. *mad laughter*. Here, take this and leave me to my work. Trouble me no more!"

After Bookcase:

"Arrrrgh! Your curiosity will be the death of you!!! (laughs)"


"I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?" (In a reference to Jules in Pulp Fiction)


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