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Zebulon I was a Que-Hegan of Zakarum.


Zebulon was made Que-Hegan in or prior to the year 1150. It was in this year that he initiated a reformation of the Zakarum Church. According to rumor, he did it after receiving visions from Akarat himself. Zebulon urged the faith to align itself with its more ascetic and humble origins. His efforts were well received by the people, and it sparked a surge in independent worship, secularism, and mysticism. The orthodox bishops of the Zakarum High Council viewed this as an erosion of their power, but they were unable to keep Zebulon in check. He came to be revered by the common folk.

However, it wasn't to last, as in the year 1225, Karamat took the position of Que-Hegan. The High Council manipulated him into reversing Zebulon's reformations.[1]