Zakarum Priests are dangerous as they can heal Zakarum Zealots. On top of that, they have powerful Blizzard and Lightning spells.

They appear in several variations: Sexton, Cantor and Heirophant.


Originally, there were Twelve Grand Inquisitors who were appointed by the church to ascertain vile influence in the populace. Any who were suspected of demonic corruption were investigated thoroughly, and forced to undergo ritualistic spiritual examinations. If an individual was found corrupted, and he could not be saved, then he was quickly put to death. As the influence of Diablo, Baal and Mephisto spread across Kehjistan, the number of Inquisitors needed to increase. Now, the Zakarum Priest fills the role of judge and jury, and send out the Zakarum Zealots as executioner to any who are considered corrupted.

The powers of the light flow strongly within these holy men. Their command of the elements, combined with the ability to heal their wounded followers, make the Priests of Zakarum powerful allies and dangerous enemies.

Zakarum Priest
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