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Yshari Sanctum

The Yshari Sanctum

The Yshari Sanctum is located in Caldeum, and is the headquarters of the Mage Clans.


The Sanctum was created at the behest of the Trade Consortium of Caldeum. Seeking to make Kehjistan's new capital a beacon of learning, the mercantile rulers worked to unite the Mage Clans and build the Sanctum. The academy came to be filled with treasure troves of arcana, becoming a place of learning and growth for the various clans. Deckard Cain was of the belief that the Sanctum stands as the greatest symbol of mage power and unity since the Golden Age of Magic.[1]

The Sanctum is gargantuan in size, though is still dwarfed by the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.[2]

In recent times, students of the Sanctum have begun an underground movement, disatisfied with the Sanctum's rigid instructors. These students have begun addressing themselves as Wizards.[3] One such Wizard left part of the Sanctum in ruins after her duel with Archmage Valthek.[4] The renegade Wizards fashioned their own banner.[5]


Bitter Depths[]

The Bitter Depths are located beneath the Sanctum, which hold the Ancient Repositories. It is here that the most dangerous incantations are housed for the safety of the public.[4]


Catacombs are located beneath the Great Hall.[6]

Great Hall[]

The Great Hall of the Sanctum is a massive octagonal room. Its vaulted ceilings are painted with the history of the Mage Clans. Eight sets of doors exist that lead to hallways and other chambers, while the walls are covered in tapestries. The stone tiles were carved from material taken from lands west of the Twin Seas.[6]


The Sanctum possesses a library that is divided into sections. Some of these hold texts deemed too dangerous for study by students.[6]


  • Courtyard[6]
  • Valthek's personal chambers[6]

Known Members[]


Mages within the Sanctum




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