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For the Diablo II variants, see Yeti.
For the same monster as seen in Diablo Immortal, see Glacial Monstrosity.
Ice Yeti

Yeti (named Glacial Monstrosities or Glacial Colossi in game) are a type of Beast enemies in Diablo III, added in patch 2.3.0. They are only encountered in Ruins of Sescheron and Eternal Woods in Act III.

Their design shares traits of both Abominables and Frozen Horrors from Diablo II.


Yeti are small in numbers (encountering more than two at a time requires luck), but durable and hit hard. In return, they are slow, as most large monsters in game. It is easy to spot them due to their sheer size.

All Yetis have a melee sweeping claw attack that deals moderate Physical damage, as well as slightly slower, but far more damaging, jumping attack, which requires them to jump up momentarily before slamming their fists into the ground.

Blood Yeti
Glacial colossus

There are two types of Yeti in game:

  • Blooded variant is brown and blood-red in appearance.
  • Ice variant is snow white, and has two additional attacks.
    • First is Frost Breath, which hits a broad cone in front of them, but must be channeled for some time. While channeling it (roughly 3-5 seconds), Yeti cannot move. Being hit by breath causes average Cold damage and chills affected enemies.
    • Second is Snowball, which creates a large rolling ball of ice that can bounce off walls and travels quite a considerable distance. Anything hit by the ball suffers Cold damage. The trail of ice left by the ball is harmless.


Greyhollow Island Subtypes[]


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.

Yeti concept art (early design)

  • Upon death, all types of Yeti turn into pure ice, implying that perhaps they are not even living beings. However, Frozen Maggots often hide in Yeti corpses scattered around the area, and those corpses erupt blood when disturbed. Greyhollow variants, on the contrary, disintegrate to the skeleton when killed, their bodies burning in hellish red flame.
  • Faces of Yetis on close-up view seem to resemble Disney's Beast from Beauty and the Beast adaptation.
  • The Bumble is a non-combat pet Yeti available to players.