Yaerius is an archangel. An enigmatic figure whose very existence is debated, he has supposedly interacted with humans on various occasions.


The Sin WarEdit

According to Taramis, Yaerius tried to bring the tenets of Zakarum to humanity during the Sin War. However, the demon Kabraxis prevented him from doing so.[1]

The Founding of ZakarumEdit

"And Yaerius appeared unto Akarat and showed him the Light that illuminates all souls with its blessed power. So long as we trust in this sacred force, we shall have strength everlasting and falter not in our trials."

Excerpt from a mystic’s account of the life of Akarat(src)

The Zakarum faith found its origins with Akarat, a Xian ascetic.[2] According to popular belief, Yaerius gave Akarat the tenets of what would become the Zakarum faith. The angel appointed Akarat to be the prophet of these new teachings, and bade him take the word to the people of all lands.[3]

Deckard Cain[2] and some members of the Horadrim[4] dispute(d) this claim however. Cain believed that what Akarat had seen was an echo of Uldyssian's sacrifice at the end of the Sin War, something that some mystics have seen while in meditation. Thus, Akarat had experiened this phenomenon and ascribed it to an angelic being, "Yaerius" translating as "son of light" in his native language.[2]

Recent EventsEdit

In more recent times, a Crusader emerged from the wastes of Aranoch, claiming to have been visited by Yaerius. She said that he had entrusted the Spaulders of Zakara to her so that she could deliver them into the hands of men, so that the Crusaders might triumph. Abd al-Hazir concluded that whatever the truth of her claims, the spaulders were indeed crafted by Heavenly hands.[5]


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