Diablo Wiki
Gender: Male
Class: Executioner
Act: Act V
Zone: Pandemonium Fortress, Level 2
Rarity: Super Unique
Affixes: Teleporter

Xoren, Guardian of Malthael is a Super Unique Executioner in Act V of Diablo III. He is found in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2, always at one of the floating isles connected by Death Gates on the way to the Heart of the Fortress, so it is impossible to miss him, although killing him is not required for any quest. He is one of the three Guardians who can spawn in the area, the others being Zalud and Esiel.

In combat, he has Teleporter, Knockback and Jailer traits. His Jailer restraints, Knockbacks, and the small space may make it hard to avoid his stunlocking attacks.