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A female Xian

The Xian are the people of the island of Xiansai.


Due to Xiansai's insular nature, Xian culture developed free from major foreign influence. Xian society is dominated by the constantly competing Great Families, which each controls a portion of their kingdom's economy. Xiansai's mountain ranges are littered with arcane repositories and an untold number of magical artifacts, leading some to suggest that Xiansai's people have practiced magic for millennia.[1]


Xian religion is polytheistic, featuring 59 gods,[2] albeit without any distinct hierarchy. The kingdom's priesthood has never formalized this religion, and the religion, such as it is, has not dissuaded the Xian from practicing magic.[1] Of all these gods, it is only Zei, the Trickster, who is loved by the Xian. The Xian celebrate many holidays that are dedictated to one making a fool of themselves. The Festival of Zei is one such example.[2]

At least some Xian are aware of the existence of the Burning Hells.[2]

Notable Xian