Wyatt Cheng

Wyatt Cheng is a principal game designer at Blizzard Entertainment.[1]


Cheng holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Simon Fraser University. In addition to computer games, his hobbies include board and card games, as well as playing the guitar and cooking.[2]

Cheng joined Blizzard in 2003. He contributed to bosses in World of Warcraft, such as the Twin Emperors, Patchwerk, and the Four Horsemen.[2] He worked on Diablo III from the earliest days of its development.[3], serving as the senior game designer [4] He worked on the design of the Witch Doctor.[5] He later served as the technical game designer for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.[6] Cheng is currently the lead game designer for Diablo Immortal.[7] Reportedly, Cheng wanted a break from Diablo III, which he had worked on for ten years.[8]


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