Wrath of the Bone King is a legendary two-handed mace in Diablo III. It requires character level 29 to drop.

This weapon is used by the Skeleton King in Act I. For obvious reasons, the hero's weapon is slightly decreased in size. Its one-handed equivalent is the Mad Monarch's Scepter.

The weapon's own feature is increasing the damage of Cold skills.

Prior to 2.1, it also had Critical Hit chance, which cannot normally roll on a weapon.

Stats (Level 29)Edit

Wrath of the Bone King

Wrath of the Bone King
Legendary Two-Handed Mace


  • 155.3–164.3 Damage Per Second
    • (163–171)–(182–194) Damage
    • 0.90 Attacks per Second
  • Cold skills deal 25–30% more damage.
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies):
    • 1.0–2.5% Chance to Slow on Hit
    • 1.0–2.5% Chance to Chill on Hit
    • 1.0–2.5% Chance to Blind on Hit
  • +(39–47)–(47–59) Cold Damage
  • +212–253 Life after Each Kill
  • +2 Random Magic Properties

Used by the Skeleton King to punish those who would stand against him.


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