Worusk, the Immortal King was a Barbarian king.

The Boulder Breaker was his favorite weapon.[1] He struck his enemies so hard that his hands would have broken had they not been protected.[2] It is said that he strode the world like a god.[3]


Worusk lived in a time before the coming of Rakkis, when the Barbarians dominated the entirety of the western continent of Sanctuary.[4] At the time, the Barbarians were at war with each other, and he united them under his reign. Under his tenure of leadership, the Council of Elders was formed in Harrogath.[5] At the height of his powers, most foes fled from Worusk rather than face him, and this fact vexed him greatly. He ordered Chilanik to forge a belt for him that would increase his speed. Chilanik delivered, and Worusk became able to catch even the swiftest of his enemies so he might show them the consequences of challenging the Immortal King or his realm.[6]

Because of his deeds, Worusk was given the title of "Immortal King," a title which had previously belonged to Bul-Kathos.[5] No Barbarian has ever received such a title after this.[7]


Worusk is referenced in Diablo III through the Immortal King's Call set. Other items that reference him include Chilanik's Chain.


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