The Won Khim Lau is a legendary fist weapon for the Monk in Diablo III. It requires character level 60 to drop.

It is also one of the few weapons that can increase the damage done with Lightning skills.

As of patch 2.6.7, it gained a unique affix: every hit of Tempest Rush also casts a free Cyclone Strike.

Stats (Level 60)Edit

Won Khim Lau

Won Khim Lau
Legendary Fist Weapon


  • 1148.7–1379.7 Damage Per Second
    • (700–835)–(941–1136) Damage
    • 1.40 Attacks per Second
  • Lightning skills deal 15–25% more damage.
  • +330–524 Dexterity
  • +(610–745)–(731–926) Lightning Damage
  • Hitting with Tempest Rush will activate Cyclone Strike, and both skills deal 500-600% increased damage.
  • +2 Random Magic Properties

Directs the wayward's gaze to the heavens that he may benefit from the glory of the gods.

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