Woestave is a unique Halberd from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Although not the most powerful in terms of damage, Woestave can inflict a number of ailments on enemies, including Open Wounds, Slow, and Freeze. It also prevents monsters from healing, making Open Wounds even more effective. While its low damage makes it unattractive for long-term use, in the hands of a Desert Mercenary, its many negative effects could make it useful until late Nightmare difficulty.




Two-Hand Damage: (14-16) To (54-62)
Required Level: 28
Required Strength: 75
Required Dexterity: 47
Durability: 55
Polearm Class - Normal Attack Speed
+20-40% Enhanced Damage
50% Chance Of Open Wounds
Slows Target By 50%
Hit Blinds Target +3
-50 To Monster Defense Per Hit
Freezes Target
Prevent Monster Heal
-3 To Light Radius

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