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Wirt's Leg is a craftable legendary mace in Diablo III. It is only available during The Darkening of Tristram in January, and has double use:

Stats (Level 1)Edit

Wirt's Leg
Legendary Mace
  • 5.4 Damage Per Second
3-6 Damage
1.20 Attacks per Second

"Poor Wirt. I did all that was possible for the child, but I know that he despises that wooden peg I was forced to attach to his leg. His wounds were hideous. No one--and especially such a young child--should have to suffer the way he did." — Pepin

How to ObtainEdit

Only available during the event The Darkening of Tristram, it is obtained from a hidden quest. You must collect the Rotten Mushroom from the Labyrinth then return to Tristram. Activating Adria's Cauldron will produce Witch's Brew, which you then take to Farnham's corpse and receive Drunkard's Debt. Taking that to Ogden's corpse will produce Garda's Letter. Continuing to Pepin's corpse will yield Healer's Prescription. Lastly a jog to Griswold's corpse will produce the Plan: Wirt's Leg.

It is crafted by Blacksmith from the blacksmith recipe, Plan: Wirt's Leg. Requires 10 Reusable Parts and 1,000,000 Gold.

Whilst the event is not active, Wirt's Leg can still be crafted as a magic item.



Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram - Wirt's Leg & Royal Calf

Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram - Wirt's Leg & Royal Calf

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