A Winged Demon

Winged Demons, also known as Gargoyles, are strange, demonic creatures that have the ability to turn into a statue.


Winged Demons are found in the first game. They are most commonly found in the lower catacombs, but can also appear throughout the caves.

They initially appear as stone statues, but come alive when the hero gets too close. They can be quite dangerous in large numbers. When players leave a level and then re-enter, all Winged Demons will be 'alive'. When Winged Demons take on their stone form, they regenerate health at a greatly increased rate. Winged Demons appear in several additional variations: Gargoyles, Blood Claws and Death Wings.

These monsters can be quite annoying. They have several immunities, making them resilient to many schools of magic.


  • Resistance: No resistances.
  • Immunity: Fire, Magic
  • Hit Points: 47-55
  • Damage: 10-15


Diablo IIIEdit

In The Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo III, Winged Demons use the Winged Talus models.

Winged Demon
VariantsWinged DemonGargoyleBlood ClawDeath Wing
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