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In-game portraits of Westmarch Soldiers

Westmarch Soldiers are encountrered everywhere in Westmarch City in Act V of Diablo III. They are the city's guards (members of the so-called Rakkisguard, named after Rakkis), as well as soldiers of the Westmarch's regular army. 


There are two types of Soldiers: archers and shieldmen. The former attack from distance with their bows, while the latter engage in close combat. Highest-ranking officers bear wolf pelts and twin axes, fighting in melee, but are always characters and only appear in scripted events.

The Soldiers are mostly encountered while they are fighting Reapers on the streets. However, most soldiers, when approached, will be possessed by eerie blue spirits, turning them into Revenant Soldiers, Revenant Archers or Revenant Shield Guard. Archers may only turn into Revenant Archers, while shieldmen will turn into either Soldiers or Shield Guard.

In some events, the Soldiers will fight on player's behalf. While their damage is mostly negligible, Soldiers can keep the enemy distracted for some time, allowing the Nephalem to attack from safety. One should not expect them to kill many enemies on their own. Some Soldiers are found in the Survivor's Enclave as well.

The only time Westmarch Soldiers, titled Traitors, will actually fight against the Nephalem, is The True Son of the Wolf event in Clyfton Hall. Led by Lord Wynton, rebel soldiers will protect him as he tries to usurp power amidst the Reaper invasion. They are no different from their loyal brethren, except for they deal considerable damage to the player.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • There is a deserter soldier in the Enclave. His story progresses as the main plot unfolds.
  • Apparently, women are allowed to serve in Rakkisguard: some of them can be seen across Westmarch City in game. They bear slightly different armor, including helmets that do not cover their faces.
  • Armor of Westmarch Soldiers (Rakkisguard tier) is available to player characters as of level 61. While the canonical color of their armor is red and white, players may choose to paint it in any color, or even leave unpainted (silverly).