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"Malthael's influence taints man and beast alike. Even the dogs of Westmarch, once tame and gentle, have been transformed into wild, savage creatures. They hunt in packs through the streets, tearing apart their prey with ravenous hunger. I saw them rip a soldier limb from limb. When his screams stopped, they came for me."
Westmarch Hound

The Westmarch Hound

Westmarch Hounds are a type of Reaper enemy in Diablo III.


"Many of the oldest noble houses in Westmarch kept massive hunting dogs on their grounds. Though docile enough in life, they have become terrors in the hands of the reapers. Now these beasts lead the packs of smaller dogs as they chase down the citizens of Westmarch. I don't even want to record what they do to the corpses..."

Many noble houses of Westmarch kept hunting dogs on their grounds.[1] Tamer and gentler dogs could also be found within its capital. With the coming of the Reapers, these dogs,[2] and those of the nobles, were transformed, divided into pack leaders and smaller, vicious hounds. The former hunting dogs led packs of smaller dogs as they chased down their prey,[1] tearing them apart with ravenous hunger.[2]



A Crusader defends herself against a hound

Westmarch Hounds appear in Act V. There are two variants of the Hounds: smaller Vicious Hounds just attack the player, but the larger Hound Pack Leaders have more Life and may grab players with their mouths — when the player is released, their character is covered in slobber and in addition suffers heavy damage and Knockback. While a Pack Leader is chewing the player, they may not be killed, only reduced to 1 Life.

Canine bones

Canine Bones

A skeletal version (Canine Bones) can be encountered during several events and summoned by Corpse Raisers.

If the character is killed, the Hound will urinate a glowing blue fluid on their corpse.[3]



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The Westmarch Hound was originally called the "War Beast".[2]


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