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"Angry naked women are attacking me? This is my summer in Westmarch all over again!"

- Lyndon(src)



Westmarch, City of the Light[1] was the mercantile and martial[2] capital of the country of the same name.[3]


"Well, let me be among the first to welcome you to Westmarch! Isn't it as grand as the stories say?"
"It is certainly large, I will give it that."

Westmarch in its heyday

A legendary city,[4] Westmarch was one of the largest and most prosperous cities of Sanctuary at the time of its fall,[5][6] and was the world's most powerful.[7] It was located near mountains and forest, the latter being found northeast of the city[8]

Westmarch was so named as it marked the westernmost point of Rakkis's crusade into the West.[3] It had sprawling streets[9] with gutters thick with sludge and refuse,[1] and Gothic architecture.[10] It served as the berth of the country's navy.[11]

The city of Westmarch was surrounded by stone walls, lined with archers and lookouts. Its ramparts and buildings were much taller than Bramwell.[1] The city possessed at least three gates—the Wolf Gate, located at the city's southeast,[12] gates situated at the city's west, and a gate that faced northeast towards the nearby forest.[8] The city's geography involved a rise as one moved inwards towards the city center, as it was built on hills. As one moved into the city, the buildings grew more ornate. The city's roads were paved with cobblestones, with straw scattered along them to soak up mule droppings and urine.[1]

In its heyday, Westmarch was always bustling with activities as people came from all over the world to marvel at its sights and landmarks.[13] It was home to a number of churches, museums, and art galleries.[11]

Much of Westmarch's trade came in through its piers. Here, a rivalry existed between longshoremen and sailors. Sailors resented longshoremen for "not having the guts to go to sea," while longshoremen looked down on sailors, not seeing them as a true part of the community. Ergo, those in one profession tended to keep their distance from those in the other while in taverns.[14]

The city had a number of orphanages, though, according to Deckard Cain, they were "little better than slave camps."[15]

Westmarch was frequently beset by storms.[8]



After his conquest of Westmarch, Rakkis ordered the construction of a river-port settlement that would serve as a capital for his new kingdom,[16] located adjacent to the Western Sea and the Blood Marsh.[17] He later consecrated the city, taking the wolf — a guardian icon that would be familiar with the western clans;[18] as his sigil, and named himself king.[19] What would become the city's palace was the first building constructed, which served as Rakkis's stronghold. The Sons of Rakkis later constructed the outer walls of the city. Later architects would mimic this design and embellish it. In a sense, the city of Westmarch became an extension of the palace.[8]



Because of Westmarch's proximity to the sea, it quickly grew into a center of martial and mercantile power. Over the next two centuries, no outside force ever laid siege to the city.[17] As it spread outwards, as Westmarch and its harbor grew, nearly all of its buildings built by the sea were torn up and replaced with new ones. Only a few examples of its old architecture remained, as they had been shored up by expert artisans.[11]

The Great Pestilence[]

"This pestilence threatens to destroy our city, General Arenton. See that the plague dead are kept only in the Repository, and use this weapon to set their bodies aflame. Would that the memory of this tragedy could burn with them."


In 1200, the city experienced an outbreak of plague,[20] known as the Great Pestilence. It affected both humans and animals. The panicked survivors threw the corpses of both into the Plague Tunnels.[21] Justinian II ordered the incineration of plague victims.[20]

Sometime in the 12th century, the [[Immortals][ settled in Westmarch. 1270 (about a century later), they were known as a secretive sect of zealous guardians that served Westmarch, though their real origins remained a mystery.[22]

Moon of the Spider[]

"Tonight, it begins! They'll never question my right to reign! When this is through, everyone will see that I am the true king! No one'll ever call me 'Justinian the Wide-Eyed' again!"
"What—what do you mean, your majesty?"
"It was so very clever! The nobles are all in attendance in the capital! Most of the guards have been stripped away from the outer walls—Father's suggestion, that! When the city's under attack, I'll be commanding the forces that Torion gathered for me—but only after it's clear that none of those would-be usurpers can do anything! I'll be the one to save Westmarch from the spiders! Me!"

- Justinian explains his plan to Salene Nesardo(src)

In 1265, King Cornelius passed away. Per the line of succession, Justinian was next in line for the throne. As with every other time a king passed away, uncertainty was in the air, given Westmarch's feudal system. Justinian ordered that the Rakkisguard be pulled back from the city walls to shore up the palace, reasoning that the capital was under no threat of invasion, and that a show of force in his seat of power would discourage any noble from challenging his right to rule. Despite his misgivings, General Torion obeyed, and half of the Rakkisguard were removed from the walls. In truth, this was part of a mad scheme enacted by Justinian while under the influence of Karybdus. Westmarch would be attacked by the Children of Astrogha, he would thwart any threats to his claim to the throne, and would be a hero for removing the very threat he'd created.[8]

Per tradition, nobles made their way to the capital to honor Cornelius and pledge loyalty to his successor. This was a spectacle for many in Westmarch, as many of them had been born just before or during Cornelius's reign, and had never seen such a gathering before.[8]

The attack by the Children of Astrogha was carried out through stealth. One of the spiders took control of Captain Alec Matteus of the Rakkisguard, who returned to Westmarch and ordered that the guards present douse the torches and take off their helmets. His behavior and questionable orders caused the soldiers to have second thoughts, but it was too late—in the period that the torches had been doused, the spiders had been able to scale the outer wall without any of them noticing. With their diminished numbers and helmets off, the Rakkisguard were quickly overwhelmed. Some were killed, others were controlled by the spiders. Their human puppets then opened the gates, allowing the main swarm to enter Westmarch.[8]

The Children swarmed through Westmarch. Shrieks rang through the air, and quickly fell silent. The spiders were quickly discovered by General Torion, who fought them alongside his fellow Rakkisguard. They fared better than the guards had on the outer wall, as Torion quickly realized that the spiders were controlling human hosts (and gave orders for all helmets to be secured), and were vulnerable to fire. However, such were the spiders' numbers, they were forced to fall back.[8]

The situation was desparate. While the fires were vulnerable to fire, rain was making the flames feeble. While the spiders were no longer able to take the Rakkisguard as hosts, they were able to bite them, killing them nearly instantly given their venom. Salene Nesardo realized that if things continued, Torion might have to choose between letting the spiders take Westmarch, or burning the city to the ground.[8]

The battle continued to rage. Reinforcements steadily joined the front, but when it came to numbers, the Children of Astrogha had the advantage. They began pouring over every wall, and began to take Westmarch's citizens as their hosts, making them akin to the walking dead. At least a fifth of the capital was either ablaze or had been burnt to the ground, the rain was going stronger, and oil stockpiles were running out. However, with the banishment of Astrogha, his children stopped dead in their tracks, and withered away, the rain itself washing away their dust.[8]

Age of the Wolf[]

"If this is the Age of the Wolf, it is the common people of Westmarch who have made it so."

- Anonymous(src)

After the destruction of Mount Arreat, Westmarch accomodated an influx of refugees from the north, while coping with rising tensions between the city's commoners and nobility. The city began to de-emphasize its once prominent Zakarum faith.[5]

Dawn of Damnation[]

"More and more travelers come to Westmarch every day."

- Mattis(src)

In 1270, refugees from Ashwold flocked to Westmarch.[23] Similarly, villagers living in/around the western part of the Dark Wood tried to flee to Westmarch, but were waylaid by a Fallen tribe. The city requested that adventurers clear the wood of Fallen, so that the roads would remain clear.[24]

Dawn of Damnation

Demons invade Westmarch

Later, the forces of Skarn invaded Sanctuary, sweeping across the kingdom. Soon, only Westmarch itself stood against his forces.[25] The attack was successfully repelled.[26]

Champ Revolt

The masses revolt against Justinian

About 1272, tensions were growing in the city. The people were hungry, and while King Justinian IV promised to grant favor to his people, they desired food more than anything else. However, never able to refuse a bit of extra coin, the people took him up on his offer.[27] Still, tensions continued to simmer, and people gathered in dark corners of the city, whispering of change.[28] Restless, and with their concerns ignored time and again by the king, champions rose up amongst Westmarch's citizens in an act of revolt.[29]

In a future glimpsed at by the Einfrinn Tree, Westmarch was invaded by the Wrathborne and set ablaze.[30] However, this future was apparently averted, thanks to the efforts of the Shard-seeker.[31]

Storm of Light[]

In 1285, Westmarch remained a thriving city. However, ill omens were afoot. The city's defenses were probed by the Reapers, as Malthael prepared his forces to attack Sanctuary. People across Westmarch were abducted, never to be seen again. Patrols along the walls of the capital were bolstered, but the disappearances continued, and even some of the guards vanished.

Despite this, the main issue within the capital was that of the Templar Order. A sect under the command of Lord Norlun took control of the Zakarum Cathedral, using it as their base of operations. General Torion believed they were planning to assault the Knights of Westmarch and take control of the palace. While the Templars did not hold power de jure, they did have some de facto when it came to the populace. With tales of the disapearances and a possible uprising looming over them, many of Westmarch's people were on edge.[1]

The Knights moved against the Templar directly in the early hours of the morning. However, an informant tipped the Templars off, and what was meant to be a quick show of force became an open battle in the streets. Eventually, the Knights overcame the Templars, with the aid of the Horadrim.[1]

The Reaper of Souls[]

"Malthael's fallen angels have brought death to Westmarch, raising an army of reapers from the city's slain defenders."

Westmarch ablaze

In 1285, Malthael led his Reapers against Westmarch, culling many of its citizens and defenders and converting them into an army of undead thralls under his command.[10] The city fell nearly instantly,[7] but fighting continued between the Reapers and Westmarch's remaining soldiers, who were aided by the Nephalem and Tyrael.[10] The city was successfully defended, albeit at the cost of thousands of lives.[32] Currently, the city is deserted,[33] with much of it reduced to rubble.[34]


Diablo Immortal[]

"Explore the sprawling streets of Westmarch in a time before Malthael’s corruption. The city is always bustling with activity as visitors from all over the world come to marvel at its sights, enjoy its landmarks, and more. Westmarch is where you can meet all your adventuring needs. You’ll have access to your stash and vendors, but more importantly it’s the place to meet fellow travelers, relax and take a breather."

- Zone summary(src)

Westmarch serves as the hub for Diablo Immortal. Players can interact with vendors and other players here,[13] along with being able to store their loot.[35] To change the game's difficulty level, players must be in Westmarch.

In the beta, players gained access to Westmarch after completing the Ashwold Cemetery and Dark Wood zones. In the final version, players gain access to Westmarch straight after Ashwold.



A map of Westmarch in Diablo Immortal

Diablo III[]

Westmarch is an area featured in Act V of Diablo III, as introduced in Reaper of Souls. The city is divided into numerous sub-zones.

Known Locations[]



The streets of Westmarch



Lorath Nahr outside Westmarch



This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • According to Valerie Watrous, Kingsport and Westmarch are located very close together.[36] This is contradicted by maps of Sanctuary, which show that Kingsport and the capital are located on opposite sides of the country.[3]


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