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Wendigos, known as the Men of the Wild by the Priests of Rathma,[1] are a type of monster found in Diablo II.


Wendigos are a family of huge bipedal ape-like creatures that make their lairs in mountains.[2] They have a thick brow ridge and a flat nose akin to the primates of Kehjistan.[1] Large but agile, these creatures are most often found in the wilderness, but are also reported to occupy the caves and dungeons of the Western Kingdoms.[3] They are hunted for their pelts, which are highly prized by the wealthy.[1]


Previously, Wendigos and their sub-species existed peacefully with humans, avoiding contact whenever possible.[3] Chaos' ill effects changed them,[3] and they entered a state of perpetual frenzy.[4] Now, they are quick to anger and attack with huge, sweeping blows of their massive claws. Once provoked, they do not relent until their opponent is slain or they themselves have fallen. Few live to tell the tale of an angered Wendigo, but those that have exclaim how nothing is more terrifying than the sound of these angry creatures bearing down on the attack.[3]


Wendigo can be fairly deadly in large groups though individually, they are generally weak since they wear little to no armor and players can dispatch them normally in 2-4 blows. They gain walk speed when at half health.

All Wendigo variants are immune to Cold, except the Wailing Beast which is immune to magic.




This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The Wendigo is the name of a cannibalistic beast in North American legend.


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