Warzechian Armguards are Legendary bracers in Diablo III. They require a Character Level of 31 to drop.

The unique affix offers the Nephalem 25% movement speed whenever they destroy breakable objects. The duration of the boost is 4 seconds. Due to this, the armguards may be very valuable bracers for quick farming, for most zones have enough breakable objects to maintain a permanent movement speed boost between battles. Any type of wreckable object will suffice, even those that do not drop loot and are not targetable. In addition, these bracers offer the highest Gold / Health Globe pickup range bonus in slot, which may prove critical for a Witch Doctor or any build relying on health globes.

They were previously known as "Haroutunian Arm Guards."

Stats (Level 31)


Warzechian Armguards
Legendary Bracers

  • 63-75 Armor


"After a long search through the eastern lands, the noble leaders of House Chien chose the Haroutunian Clan for their personal guard. These loyal protectors are easily recognized by the distinctive armguards they wear out of pride for their service." —Abd al-Hazir, The Xiansai Chronicles

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