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"Pandemonium is a vast, chaotic realm, and many demons remain scattered throughout it. In particular, the warscarred marauders are unwilling to return to the Hells, and they have taken to pillaging the remaining angelic outposts in the battlefields. They may not be the most powerful of their kind, but they are clever and insidious, and no strangers to war."

Warscarred Marauders or Footsoldiers are a type of Demon Trooper, found only in the Battlefields of Eternity and adjacent regions. They appear like burnt, skeletal Demon Troopers, and fight with their claws rather than with maces. In all other regards, they are identical to regular Demon Troopers, just as Warscarred Ravagers are nearly identical to Oppressors.

The Footsoldier variant emerges from crystal prisons in the Infested Ruins during The Cursed Crystals event.