Requires: 25 Magic
Cost: 35 Mana (-3 per Spell Level, minimum 18)

Transports the caster to the nearest stairway, no matter explored or not.

Damage Type: Magic

Warp is a spell in Diablo I: Hellfire.

General InformationEdit

Warp immediately teleports the player to the nearest stairway on the level, making no distinction between up or down. Spell Levels only decrease Mana cost.

It is mostly used as a method of escape, as stairs in general tend to be in large, empty rooms with nothing dangerous in them, although it can also be used for covering ground in a short time after clearing a floor. Still, it is best to make sure the player is closest to the intended exit or entrance to avoid being transported into unexplored area.

A more useful spell than Phasing, it is cast instantly, and can be used to travel blind in order to skip half of the entire level (if, for whatever reason, player wishes to do so).


In ancient times the Horadrim built many magical gateways, and though the secret of their construction is long lost, many uses and manipulations of these portals have evolved over the centuries. Akin to the spell of Town Portal is the spell of Warp, though far less versatile as a means of exact teleportation between two specific destinations. Rather, Warp sends the caster on a one way trip to the nearest exit from a place. Immediately thereafter, the portal is closed and dissipated, leaving the traveler with only conventional means with which to return to the point of casting. Limited as a means of travel, this spell can, however, prove to be extremely useful in finding an exit when the caster is lost or besieged in a dark and dangerous place such as a dungeon or cave. Unfortunately, the forces drawn upon by the warp sell make no distinction between types of exits, since they merely focus their energies on the nearest at hand. As often as not, the caster is sent to an exit downward, which almost always leads to even greater perils.


Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Warp (by Blessed)

Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Warp (by Blessed)

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