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"My blade sings for your blood, mortal. And, by my Dark Masters, it shall NOT be denied!"

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The Warlord of Blood was a servant of the Burning Hells. Possessing great skill with the blade, he lived for thousands of years and knew only warfare.


"The armories of Hell are home to the Warlord of Blood. In his wake lay the mutilated bodies of thousands. Angels and Man alike have been cut down to fulfill his endless sacrifices to the Dark Ones who scream for one thing - blood."


It is written that the Warlord of Blood was a human who fought during the Sin War. Fighting alongside the Legion of Darkness, he lost his humanity due to his insatiatble lust for blood. He resided within the Armories of Hell, surrounded by the bodies of mortals and angels. During the Darkening of Tristram, he was defeated by a trio of heroes.[1]


The Warlord of Blood is a Unique Steel Lord found on Level 13 in Diablo. He is found in the Armories surrounding the staircase descending to the next level. He spawns as part of the "Warlord of Blood" quest. He is accompanied by several Steel Lords.

The Warlord of Blood is immune to Fire, Lightning and most magic including Bone Spirit, Blood Star and Flash. Because of this, he is especially difficult for Sorcerers, though Sorcerers with Stone Curse can kill him slowly with melee attacks. It's easiest and often best for sorcerers to simply not fight him, loot the room and descend the stairs. But, one way to defeat him with a Sorcerer is cast the Golem spell and keep turning him to stone until the Golem kills him. The rest of the game's classes, even with the expansion installed, stand a chance fighting him as they would any other foe. For a melee class with low damage, Griswold's Edge can help by inflicting Knockback upon the Warlord of Blood. This can serve as a stun if nothing else, preventing him from inflicting too much damage on the player.


Life: 850
Resistances: None
Immunities: Magic, Fire, Lightning


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  • According to The Awakening, the Warlord of Blood is the same individual as Bartuc, who also went by the title. This is contradicted in later lore however, with Bartuc being slain in the Mage Clan Wars, and lore after that establishing that a long period of time went between the two conflicts.


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