Wardrobe as seen in-game

Wardrobe is a feature in Diablo III, added in patch 2.2.0. Wardrobe appears only in the PC version.

It is found in the Campaign and Adventure Modes, in every town of any act, close to the waypoint and the Mystic. Its only purpose is easy access to all of the character's cosmetic functions:

  • Wings and their equivalents
  • Portraits (allows changing them at will; highest Paragon portrait is displayed by default)
  • Non-combat pets
  • Pennants

Alternatively, one may access the Cosmetic menu via the respective mirror button in the lower right corner.

The rewards are shared among all characters on the account.

Only one pair of Wings and only one Pennant (or both) can be equipped per character, but they will be visible both in game and on the character selection screen, as well as persist through death and game sessions.


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