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A Wand is a Weapon in form of a short one-handed rod, usually made from enchanted wood or metal, used to direct and focus the magical energy.

Diablo IIEdit

Diablo II wand data[1]
QL Name Damage Speed Max sockets Str req Lv req
2 Wand 2–4 0 1
12 Yew Wand 2–8 10 1
18 Bone Wand 3–7 −20 2
26 Grim Wand 5–11 0 2
31 Burnt Wand 8–18 0 1 25 19
38 Petrified Wand 8–24 10 2 25 25
43 Tomb Wand 10–22 −20 2 25 25
49 Grave Wand 13–29 0 2 25 25
55 Polished Wand LoD 18–33 0 2 25 41
65 Ghost Wand LoD 20–40 10 2 25 48
75 Lich Wand LoD 10–31 −20 2 25 56
86 Unearthed Wand LoD 22–28 0 2 25 64
Diablo II one-hand swing attack speed data[2]
Class Base attack frames Base attacks per second
Amazon 13 1.92
Assassin LoD 14 1.78
Barbarian 15 1.66
Druid LoD 18 1.38
Necromancer 18 1.38
Paladin 14 1.78
Sorceress 17 1.47

Wands are one-handed rods, a type of blunt, melee weapon in Diablo II. All wands have a range adder of 0 and no Dexterity requirements to wield.

Necromancers often make Wands out of bones, filling them with soul energy of the slain foes and haunting spirits. Their wands usually enhance the abilities to control UndeadSorceresses rarely use Wands in the expansion, as they are less potent than Sorceress Orbs, and cannot be attuned to elemental magic.

Wands are usually most useful to the Necromancer, as nonmagic, magic and rare wands can have innate bonuses to individual Necromancer Skills. Wand damage scales with the wielder's Strength, with each point of Strength equivalent to 1% enhanced damage.[3] Magic and rare wands can have Necromancer skill prefixes. Like other rods, wands can have increased mana and faster cast rate affixes, but fewer attack rating and weapon damage affixes.[4] Like other blunt weapons, wands are compatible with Barbarian Mace Mastery, and have an inherent +50% damage to undead modifier.

Staves, wands and orbs are all labeled "staff class" in-game, but the three weapon types have distinct properties.

Set wandsEdit

The only set wand in classic is Infernal Torch (Grim Wand). The only additional set wand in the Lord of Destruction expansion is Sander's Superstition (Bone Wand).

Unique wandsEdit

The unique wands in classic are:

Additional unique wands in the expansion are:

Wand rune wordsEdit

The maximum number of sockets possible in a wand is 2.

In the expansion, the following Weapon Rune Words function in nonmagic wands with exactly 2 sockets:

Diablo IIIEdit

"Arcane energies need a conduit, lest they flow forth undirected. A wizard’s body can serve as the channel for many spells, but wands further refine and focus the process of directing magic."

Game Guide(src)

Wands are a very popular weapon of Wizards, who can intuitively channel their own arcane energy through the weapon in form of rapid bursts of force, fire, ice, lightning, arcane or poisoned bolts. Such firing is so trivial and effortless that it does not take any of the precious Arcane Power from the Wizard, serving them well when their magical force is all but depleted. However, this weapon is useless to one of undisciplined mind, making a wand nothing more than a piece of junk for anyone except Wizards or Sorcerers.

In-game, Wands are class-specific Wizard ranged weapons, with fast to very fast attack speed and potential bonuses to maximum Arcane Power. 

Wands cannot be transmogrified to have an appearance of any other weapon type. 

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