Wall of the Eyeless is a unique Bone Shield from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Due to its low chance of blocking and its slightly lower defense, the Wall of the Eyeless is not necessarily for Physical Fighters. Rather, as its bonuses suggest, it may be intended for Spellcaster use.

Most notable about Wall of the Eyeless is not only its mana leech, but also its bonus to Cast Rate. Not many shields boost Cast Rate, so it can be interpreted that the Wall of the Eyeless is meant for spellcasters. However, its mana leech may indicate otherwise- after all, a spellcaster probably would not attack an enemy close up to leech mana.

Still, it does also give mana for every enemy killed. If a spellcaster were to kill an enemy with each one of their spells, it would essentially be like getting a return of 5 mana each time.

Still, Wall of the Eyeless does not give bonuses to Resistances, making it severely less useful in Nightmare and Hell difficulties. Other shields such as Lidless Wall may be more useful for spellcasters.



Wall of the Eyeless
Bone Shield

Defense: 50-53
Required Level: 20
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 40
Chance to Block:

Paladin Smite Damage: 3 To 6
+30-40% Enhanced Defense
+10 Defense
+5 to Mana after Each Kill
20% Faster Cast Rate
3% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Poison Resist +20%

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