Vyr the Vainglorious was a mage-lord. By all accounts, Vyr was a tyrant. However, he took enormous pride in his appearance.[1]


Vyr created the Black Obelisk to gather the power of the Archon, a being he claimed existed on a different plane of reality. He is even reputed to have stored this macabre power in armor of his own design.[2] While manipulating power summoned from beyond Sanctuary, he wielded gloves.[3] However, he was murdered by his own acolytes, who believed he would bring a curse upon them all,[1] and the Black Obelisk was destroyed.

Much later, Vyr's armor was found. His boots were the last, thought destroyed along with the obelisk.[4] His history was recorded by scholars such as Abd al-Hazir[1] and Valthek.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vyr was gifted and incredibly proud (hence his Vainglorious title), yet progressively paranoid: either as result of his magical experiments or otherwise. He demanded a helm protecting his mind from enemies crafted[6]. In his pride, assured of his superiority, Vyr failed to see the true danger coming: convinced of his absolute control of his acolytes, he did not expect them to backstab their master.[7]


Vyr's Amazing Arcana set can be found in Diablo III, being the level 70 offensive class set for Wizards, assembled to greatly augment their Archon skill. The Nagelring, Unstable Scepter and Fazula's Improbable Chain descriptions also mention Vyr and his Black Obelisk.


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