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Voracity is one of the Rift Guardians that can randomly spawn in a Nephalem Rifts. He is a greatly empowered variant of Ghom, but is different from the Uber Ghom (a.k.a. Foul Desecrator).

While he may be encountered in any circumstances (i.e. player may have more or less space than in The Larder), he is still very sensitive to player having a Mara's Kaleidoscope, for most of his attacks use Poison damage.

Voracity retains all four of Ghom's attacks, with increased damage of all abilities:

  • Gas Cloud: creates two clouds of gas (one at the player's location, and one above Voracity) dealing average Poison damage over time, damage of each cloud increases as a player is standing in it. The cloud, once placed, holds for 2 minutes, does not move and does not grow in size. Multiple clouds intersecting with each other do not stack. After Voracity's death, clouds no longer deal damage and normally despawn.
  • Bile Spew: sprays players in a mid-range cone in front of Voracity with acid, dealing high Poison damage over 2 seconds.
  • Slime: a long-range attack that deals average Poison damage and spawns two Slimes on enemies hit that continuously attack the player. Once both are killed, they drop a guaranteed Health Globe.
  • Bite: regular melee attack, deals average Physical damage.