"This eternal battle only strengthens our resolve!"

Volux the Forgotten to Erelus(src)
5 Volux the Forgotten
Volux the Forgotten, Demon Lord, is a Super Unique Warscarred Ravager found in the Battlefields of Eternity (Crag of Eternity part) in Act V of Diablo III. He only appears during The War That Time Forgot event, commanding the time-lost demonic horde. In Campaign Mode, if he appears, he must be killed to retrieve a Siege Rune from him.

Upon seeing the Nephalem, Volux will be genuinely surprised, thinking that they are a wingless angel (most likely he was trapped in the stasis before nephalem came to exist).

In combat, he has Reflects Damage, Desecrator, Nightmarish and Vortex affixes. Until killed, he will summon more and more Timelost Marauders to join the battle.


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In the Reaper of Souls beta, this demon was known as Melevolus, Forgotten Demon Underlord.

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