Vita is a suffix that can appear on Charms. It provides a moderate bonus to Life.

It can start spawning on items at Item Level 47, but will not be able to spawn on all items with full effect until level 91. Before this item level, +40 to Life is the highest possible roll.

Vita is the most sought after suffix for Grand Charms that have a +1 to class skills prefix (such as Lion Branded). Due to the very steep requirement of item level 91 needed for a Grand Charm to spawn +41 or higher to Life, only two monsters are able to drop such Grand Charm - Hell Nihlathak and Hell Baal. This makes "41+ Life skiller" Grand charms extremely rare and very expensive.

The common (yet still expensive) strategy of obtaining such Charm is getting a Grand Charm drop from Hell Baal, then using a Horadric Cube recipe of 3 Perfect Gems + Magic Item for an affix reroll on the Charm, until desired affixes are rolled.


+16-20 To Life (Small)
+26-35 To Life (Large)
+36-45 To Life (Grand)

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