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A Viper

Vipers are snake-like demons.


Vipers are hideous snakelike creatures with arms and other faint humanoid characteristics. Some Vipers claim they descend from horribly cursed humans, and so degraded to their current state. Others feel they began as simple serpents that ran afoul of agents of Hell. Regardless of their origin, Vipers are demonic monstrosities and serve the legions of Hell well.

These Vipers appear related to the Claw Vipers of Aranoch, though some distinction appears to exist;[1] enough to consider Claw Vipers their own race.[2]


Cave Viper (Diablo I)

A Cave Viper

Vipers (referred to as "Viper Serpents" are found in Diablo I. They appear mostly in the farther Caves and in Hell. They are demons

Vipers slither toward their enemies and then launch a swift barrage of attacks with the two swords they carry in their hands. While each attack in itself is not very powerful, they can strike at an amazing rate.




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  • These Vipers appear related in lore to the Claw Vipers of Diablo II. The Awakening treats them as being the same race, though given the monster listings, there appears to be some distinction between the Diablo I and Diablo II types. To Hell and Back treats the term "Claw Viper" as the term for the race as a whole, and quest dialogue in Diablo II likewise treats the term as the 'race designation'. Given the divide between games, the wiki treats the two as two separate, yet possibly related species.


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