Vile Ward are legendary pauldrons in Diablo III. They require character level 60 to drop.

These shoulders were one of the few items post Patch 2.0 to have both all Resistances and bonus Armor affixes, and are therefore one of the most balanced protective shoulderpads.

As of 2.1, they gained a unique affix: Furious Charge deals more damage for every enemy it hits during the charge itself, stacking directly without cap. Cone attack deals normal damage. One can see increasing damage numbers while traveling through monsters (however, the final cone strike will deal normal damage in the end).

These pauldrons also have 5 primary affixes.

Stats (Level 60)[edit | edit source]

Vile Ward.png

Vile Ward
Legendary Pauldrons

  • 353-419 Armor


"The more enemies I hit, the greater my bloodlust." -Chieftain Kar-Nuk

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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Prior to patch 2.1, these had a different description:

Surprisingly, the taint of foul evil seeping from these ancient demon skulls protects the wearer from harm.

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