Vile Child

A Vile Child

The Vile Children (a.k.a. Vile Dogs)[1] are the dangerous offspring of the Vile Mothers.


Ravenous from the very second of their birth,[2] Vile Children are disgusting, fleshy, legless beasts that wriggle across the planes of Hell at alarming speed, propelling themselves forward with their two arms.[1] These fetid beasts swarm to any potential food source. Unfortunately, for their victims, this is usually an adventurer who has strayed too far from the safety of the Pandemonium Fortress.[2] A single Vile Child is no threat to anyone tough enough to brave the pits of Hell, but a wall of them can pose a threat to an adventurer.[1]



A Vile Child

Vile Children appear in Act IV and play a minor role at the beginning of Act III, where they are spawned by the Dark Wanderer. They move with great speed towards their enemies. They have a melee attack that isn't too harmful, however, Vile Children rarely appear alone. They are fragile and are easily slain, but attack in hordes.


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Vile Child
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