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{{magic|Veteran's<br/>+2 Barbarian Combat Skills}}<br/>''Can appear on'': [[Magic Items]], [[Rare Items]]<br/>''Is available on'': [[Barbarian Helms]], [[Helms]], [[Weapons]]
{{magic|Veteran's<br/>+2 Barbarian Combat Skills}}<br />''Can appear on'': [[Magic Items]], [[Rare Items]]<br />''Is available on'': [[Barbarian Helms]], [[Helms (Diablo II)|Helms]], [[Weapons]]

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Veteran's is a prefix that can appear on Magic Items, providing a bonus to Barbarian Combat Skills.


+2 Barbarian Combat Skills

Can appear on: Magic Items, Rare Items
Is available on: Barbarian Helms, Helms, Weapons

Item Prefixes
+ Barbarian Skills — SlayerBerserker
+ Combat Skills — Expert'sVeteran'sMaster's
+ Combat Masteries — FanaticRagingFurious
+ Warcries — SoundingResonantEchoing
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