For the Diablo I unique helm of the same name, see Veil of Steel (Diablo I).

The Veil of Steel is a unique Spired Helm in Diablo II.

Veil of Steel gives a great boost to all resistances (the best out of all helms aside from Kira's Guardian) along with its high Defense. Similarly to its Diablo I incarnation, the Veil of Steel comes with the unusual disadvantage of reduced Light Radius. However, given the primarily well-lit areas of Diablo II, this is not much of a detriment, outside of the darkest dungeons.



Veil of Steel
Spired Helm

Defense: 396
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 192
Durability: 60
+60% Enhanced Defense
+140 To Defense
All Resistances +50
+15 To Strength
+15 To Vitality
-4 To Light Radius

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