"When I was young, I was trained in the ways of the warrior. My father trained me as his father had trained him."


Vane was a member of Clan Skeld and the father of Azgar and Grey.


In his youth, Vane was trained in the ways of the warrior by his father. In time, he passed on those skills to his elder son, Azgar. He was quite proud of his son, and was open to the idea that Azgar might someday become the champion of Clan Skeld. However, those dreams were shattered when Azgar unintentionally transformed into a Werebear and went on a rampage, attacking Grey. The shock reverted Azgar back to his human form, and Vane found Azgar cradling Grey's body in their tent. Azgar fled in shame. Vane led a party after him, but could never find his son.[1]


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