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The '''Vampirefang Belt''' is a type of [[Belts|belt]] in ''[[Diablo II]]'', it is the [[Elite Items|Elite]] version of the [[Light Belt]]. It is normally found on {{d|Hell}} difficulty.
The '''Vampirefang Belt''' is a type of [[Belts|belt]]. It is the elite version of the [[Light Belt]], and is normally found in {{d|Hell}}. [[Nosferatu's Coil]] is the unique version of the Vampirefang Belt.
'''Defense''': 56-63<br />
*'''Defense''': 56-63
'''Durability''': 14 / 14<br />
*'''Durability''': 14 / 14
'''Quality Level''': 68<br />
*'''Quality Level''': 68
'''Number of Boxes''': 16<br />
*'''Number of Boxes''': 16
'''Minimum Strength''': 50<br />
*'''Minimum Strength''': 50
'''Level Requirement''': 51<br />
*'''Level Requirement''': 51
==See also==
==See also==
*[[Light Belt]] &ndash; Normal version
*[[Light Belt]] (Normal)
*[[Sharkskin Belt]] &ndash; Exceptional version
*[[Sharkskin Belt]] (Exceptional)
*[[Nosferatu's Coil]] &ndash; Unique version
*[[Nosferatu's Coil]] ({{Unique|Unique}})
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[[Category:Elite items]]
[[Category:Elite items]]

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The Vampirefang Belt is a type of belt in Diablo II, it is the Elite version of the Light Belt. It is normally found on Hell difficulty.


  • Defense: 56-63
  • Durability: 14 / 14
  • Quality Level: 68
  • Number of Boxes: 16
  • Minimum Strength: 50
  • Level Requirement: 51

See alsoEdit

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