"Valla witnessed the ferocity of hellspawn firsthand as the demons ravaged her village and left her for dead. Now, with no people to call her own, her only allegiance is to her cause: to rid Sanctuary of the demonic filth corrupting its lands. She also likes long walks on the beach, puppies, and crossbows."


Valla is a Demon Hunter.


Early LifeEdit

"She had a choice to make. There was a moment after this tragedy, a moment so brief that it existed between two breaths, and yet it stretched before her across all eternity. Was she going to give up? Was she going to go on? Valla made the choice that all Demon Hunters make faced with that moment in their life. They choose revenge."

Matthew Berger(src)

As with most Demon Hunters, Valla came from a village attacked and destroyed by demons. Of the whole family, only Valla and Halissa survived. Halissa, traumatized by the events, drowned after waking up from a nightmare, running off and slipping into a river, with Valla failing to pull her out.[3] Left alone, traumatized, she was found by a Demon Hunter named Josen, who took Valla under his wing as a Demon Hunter in training. He taught her to harness her anger and pain, and to use both as a weapon against demons.[4]

The Shassar SeaEdit

In 1270,[5] Valla and Josen were in the Shassar Sea. They had caught word of a demon nest having formed there, and had come to slay the demons.[4] In this, they were aided by a group of heroes.[6]

Hatred and DisciplineEdit

Her memories and guilt for saving neither Halissa nor other family members were used against her by Valdraxxis, a lesser demon of Terror, yet she managed to overcome and banish him. This event become a completion of her training, after which Valla left for Tristram, in light of the coming of the Fallen Star.[3]

The End of DaysEdit

Valla participated in the Siege of Bastion's Keep, backed up by a Wizard.[7]

After slaying Diablo, Valla returned to the Demon Hunters and received the mantle of Ordermaster. She shared her knowledge and experience with neophyte Demon Hunters.[8]

Valla became one of the deadliest Demon Hunters in history, but mysteriously disappeared one night, although her body has never been found. Some claim that she continues her fighting in another world. Her weapon, however, was left behind.[9]


Diablo ImmortalEdit

Valla appears as an NPC in Diablo Immortal. She is a Demon Hunter in training at this point.[5] She and Josen are encountered in the Shassar Sea zone.[6]

Diablo IIIEdit

Valla can be considered to be a canonical portrayal of the Demon Hunter class, though name and gender are still at the player's discretion.

Valla's Bequest is a legendary Hand Crossbow named after her.

The Fortress Ballista was famously used by Valla during the Siege of Bastion's Keep.

Heroes of the StormEdit

For detailed information, see the respective article on Heroes of the Storm Wikia

Valla as portrayed in Heroes of the Storm

Valla is the assigned name of the Demon Hunter in Heroes of the Storm.[1] Players who pre-ordered Reaper of Souls are granted automatic access to her in the game.[10]

In game, she retains Rain of Vengeance, Strafe, Hungering Arrow, Multishot and Vault skills. She also has Hatred as her passive trait. Unlike Diablo III heroes, she can use Vault while channeling Strafe.

Her armor seems very similar to the Leather Hood and respective armor tier, but considerably more complete, reinforced, and with custom red paint.


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