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Ready for Diablo III to come out? Well you aren't the only one. Today, the latest news coming out is that the game will have a 4th difficulty mode. The mode will be entitled "Inferno." According to game director Jay Wilson, this mode is aimed at "players who have maxed out their character by reaching the level 60 player cap. Only then can they tackle Inferno difficulty, a challenge that will throw enemies at the player that are of even higher levels."

The hope is that this new mode will encourage players to keep playing the game and taking on progressively larger challenges. This mode is meant to be a deterrent to the classical "Mephisto runs" or runs where players merely fight specific breeds.

Of course with greater challenges, comes greater rewards. Certain armor, weapons, and items will be exclusive only in this mode. Also Runestones will be used in different ways to create new abilities.

While sadly this game still has no release date, the more information that continues to come out about it, the more exciting it gets. Do you think you will be given the game a run on Inferno mode?

Also, check out this sweet time-lapse video featuring street art from Diablo 3.


Video:Diablo 3 - Inferno Difficulty - Announcement


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