Demise101 Demise101 29 October 2013

PSA Uploads may be disabled for a short time in the future

As of the October 29th update, Wikia will be storing its images in a new location. While it updates, you may notice that uploading has been disabled for a short period of time. The time for this period is not known.

See here:

"Later this week, Wikia will begin transferring images to a new file storage system. This will be done on a wiki-by-wiki basis, with the smaller, older wikis getting updated first. When the script is transferring the images on your wiki, uploads on your wiki will be disabled. This process will be done quietly on the backend and there will be no major disruption to your wiki other than the disabled uploading. Uploads will be disabled for a small period of time, usually less than an hour."

Just a short message in case you'…

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Demise101 Demise101 11 October 2013

PSA: Read More Section has been disabled!

Hello everyone! Just a public announcement to say that the Read More section of the wiki (usually at the bottom of each article) has been disabled after I chased up staff about it. If you disagree with this change, please mention it to myself or another admin and we'll discuss the benefits of the feature.

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Demise101 Demise101 10 August 2012

Diablo Wiki Gunnar Giveaway

This competition has been closed! Congratulations to Sk1lls, who has won a pair of Free Gunnars!
Secondary winners have won a 15% discount on a pair of Gunnars (Usable until the end of September)!

Here they are:

  • Aidankd10
  • *Opacus*
  • Ivo09

How to receive your prize:

In order to receive your prize, please check your Email account (The one that you used for your Wikia account). Peter Kalmbach will direct you from there!

Hello everyone! As a Community Manager, I've been contacted by Wikia about a pair of GUNNAR Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear that they have given to us for a Giveaway! If you're 18 and over, or have guardian or parental permission, you could be the owner of this pair of these gaming glasses!

I look forward to your submissions! :)


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Demise101 Demise101 27 July 2012

Search Digest

Hi there guys, just to notify any editors that might be interested; Special:SearchDigest has been enabled on the wiki after I contact Staff. Basically, what it does is shows you what terms are being searched, and how many times it has been searched. The most searched terms are on the top, and it goes in descending order.

The Digest is for any administrators or experienced editors that want to increase the usefulness of the Search feature, and gives us a chance to make our content be found more often. It also tells us what the readers want in terms of pages, and lets us know what terms to redirect to pages on the wiki. To make a redirect page, just go to the page, and add to it. Here is an example of a redirect.

Anyway, just wanted to let ev…

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