Diablo is not very different from real life... except that in real life you are always in Hardcore mode. - Vorknkx

I am a Diablo fan from the distant land of Bulgaria, located in the south-eastern corner of Europe.

My contributions to the Wiki will be primarily in the fields of lore, characters, monsters, and quests. I'm one of those geeks who actually read the manual.

I have played nearly all Blizzard games out there, including ancient classics such as Blackthorne or The Lost Vikings (this one was released under Blizzard's old name - Silicon & Synapse - most players have never heard of it). I used to play WoW until the newer expansions spoiled it.

I have not yet started playing Diablo III - my computer is a bit old and I don't think the hardware can handle it. A major upgrade would be necessary before buying D3 is even considered. Until then, there is plenty of stuff to do in the older games of the series...

Stay awhile and listen...

I started playing Diablo a bit late - in 2004. In just a few months I beat the game with all three character classes, and in mid-2005 moved on to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. I started playing when the game was already at version 1.10 - but I have tried out earlier revisions (including the original 1.00) too. I also play non-expansion characters from time to time (see below for details).

Recently, I also found an old used copy of Hellfire and played that as well.

Why I like this game? Simple - because Blizzard, as usual, managed to create an amazing and fully immersive world. Having fun is the most important aspect of any game - and Diablo definitely accomplishes that. Furthermore, Diablo is a relatively simple RPG - more emphasis on slaughtering demons!

Finally - I was a member of the (former) PlanetDiablo community. The number of active members has diminished over the years, but those that remain are pretty friendly and always ready to give advice and support to anyone that needs it.

Note: The forum was shut down in 2012 due to IGN's stupendous incompetence and negligence in managing their own forums... but we still live - most of us have fled to the Amazon Basin forums. You can find us there.

Game Achievements

My greatest feat so far is beating the game once in Hardcore mode - with Guardian Gatekeeper, a summoner Necromancer. I hope to raise more Guardians in the future. My highest character so far is another Necro, Lazarus, who is currently at lvl 92.

Recently, I beat Hell difficulty in classic (non-expansion) Diablo II - Baron Rakkan is the hero who bravely fought to the heart of the Chaos Sanctuary and defeated the Lord of Terror once and for all. The next logical step would be Hardcore, in which I can earn the title of King :)

In the original Diablo, I have a Warrior that has reached level 33 - that took quite some time to achieve, as the game only lets you to play on Normal difficulty. Things are very different in Hellfire - access to higher difficulties allowed me to create a level 38 Rogue in no time. The Demon Crypts are the perfect place for gaining experience... but it can be very dangerous too!

Using the Multiplayer difficulty selection trick, I was able to access Nightmare and Hell in classic Diablo - so now a Rogue is on her way to level 40, though I don't know for sure when I will have enough time to dedicate to her.

Notable Heroes

A few of my loyal children:

  • Patriarch Lazarus - level 92 (Summoner Necromancer) - highest level char to date
  • Guardian Gatekeeper - level 84 (Summoner Necromancer) - yeah, I love playing this build
  • Matriarch Shadowrip - level 88 (Javelin Amazon) - really enjoyed this, she is oh-so-powerful!
  • Matriarch Armorine - level 84 (MeteOrb Sorceress) - a little fragile, but packs a punch


  • Baron Rakkan - level 75 (Bonemancer) - first Classic hero to finish Hell
  • King Godfrey - level 71 (Summoner Necromancer) - first completed Classic Hardcore character. Hail to the King, baby!

Heroic Plans

Diablo / Hellfire: Well, obviously the plan is to get beyond level 40 with at least one character... perhaps even reach level 50!

Diablo II: Currently struggling with non-expansion Hardcore. A new King shall be born!

Diablo II Expansion: I am planning 1 Assassin (Traps-focused) and 1 Barbarian (Concentrate-focused). I have a "Windwalker" Druid and a Zeal Paladin underway, though I haven't played them in a while... but I will.

I am also considering a somewhat experimental Assassin specializing in Shadow Disciplines (her primary skills would be Shadow Master, Venom and Cloak of Shadows + Fade for survival).

Me on other Wikis

Grammar Nazi

Spelling, grammar, punctuation - these matter a lot to me, so you can expect me to make a lot of corrections anywhere I notice mistakes. Ironically, English is not my native language.

So, if your grammar is bad, then you're in trouble.

Yes, Grammar can be tricky, so it's important to know its peculiarities :)

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