Rigel Kent

  • I live in Portland, Oregon
  • I was born on October 17
  • I am male


Using CSSEdit

I am working on converting inline styles to CSS, when appropriate. I started with Category:Diablo II Skills and articles with similar tables (see Forum:CSS for tables). I am currently working on navboxes (see Forum:CSS for navboxes). CSS simplifies the wikitext, improves cross-skin support, and will make future changes simpler.

Want to help? Please check pages that have been changed to use CSS for display problems, and suggest CSS improvements to admins.

HTML5 reviewEdit

I am checking pages for elements and attributes that are obsolete in HTML5, starting with Category:Templates. Unlike deprecated features, such as using <table>s for layout, which W3 discourages but still asks browsers to support, obsolete features, such as the <center> tag, have no definition in HTML5 and W3 doesn't ask browsers to recognize them.

Want to help? See Special:Statistics for a recent dump of current pages, and use your favorite XML editor to search for obsolete code. You can fix pages yourself, or add them to Category:Pages with obsolete HTML to fix later.

Rune wordsEdit

Wrath rune word in action

pew pew pew

New infobox, screenshots, a few subcategories.

Experiments and sandboxesEdit

User:Rigel Kent/wikia.css
User:Rigel Kent/monobook.css
My user stylesheets
User:Rigel Kent/Experimental navbox
Working, no longer experimental, update to navboxes in progress
User:Rigel Kent/Experimental navbox 2
An abandoned navbox design that might have limited use, such as graphical icon lists
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