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My favorite classes were always Rogue, Sorceress and Wizard. Go go girls, Diablo awaits :)

Please don't ban me for mistakes. Whatever I do, I do with good intentions! Honestly.

I hate RNG. I really hate RNG. The person who invented the MMO RNG will be my personal archenemy in the world beyond.

Completely finished sections[edit | edit source]

All Legendary and Set items

All Class Skills

Legendary crafting materials and Hellfire materials / keys


CC effect types

Super Unique Monsters

Unique Monsters

Current quests[edit | edit source]

Patch 2.4 changes

Wanted[edit | edit source]

Need references for Piro Marella, Zoey's Secret and Lefebvre's Soliloquy, see talk pages.

Better screenshots and / or details on Unique monsters: Dargon (Highlands Passage), Snoglatch Grimwield (Highlands Crossing), Yorkathraxx (Passage to Corvus)

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