The Mobokill is a user in the Diablo Wiki who tries to contribute as much Lore as he can. Now, because of Hans Kamp, he can do things he never thought he could.

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Wikibreak - I've taken a kinda wikibreak till December. I'll only logon on Sundays from 04:00 to 07:00. Bye there...

Ok, anyone who's seen me editing here will know that the wikibreak notice was a farce. I've been editing quite normally till now, although still not as much as two months back. But this is the real deal, I've got my Prelims from Oct 20-22 and I won't be online AT ALL from Oct 12-22 (yes, I need a few days extra. I've left my studies to rot :P). And I still gots me semesters on Dec. So, you probably won't see me as much after the 22nd too :( Atleast BlizzCon's done so there's not much of a problem now, but seeing that Dan and Houdini are online at almost the same time... Well, take care all of yas. And wish me luck!!!

So still...

... Smell ya all later.

And remember...

...I'LL BE WATCHING!!! though I won't be doing anything :D

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This user has been made an admin (yes, that's a file photo of Mobokill on the day of his birth) on August 3, 2008. They control your fate.

The Mobokill, Lord of Mobile Killing, is the forgotten Prime Evil. He was once Mephisto's best friend but was thrown out of the group when Mobokill cut off Mephisto's legs in a horribly drunken state.

"Me damn sexy"-Mobokill

Mobokill now roams the real world adding as much as he knew about the world of Sanctuary. If not for his horrendous typing speed and slow internet connection, he could have made Diablo wiki proud.

Mobokill now knows many secrets of the workings of the Diablo wiki due to the intervention of a mortal by the name of Hans Kamp. At a recent interview he was heard saying,

"Everyone in Hell says I stink. Yeah, Terror, Hatred, Destruction are all cool. But what about Mobile Killing. It is da in thing man, you know what I'm saying?"-Mobokill

All we can say is, We don't know what he's saying.


Mobokill is slated to appear in Diablo IX. Though it is just speculation at this point.

Mucho gracias denada azul tortilla (Stuff)Edit

For anyone who can understand whatever this section's title is, it's not supposed to make sense... Only a parody of someone else' title for similar stuff. Heh heh...

  • RANDOM PAGE EDITS!!! Woohoo!!!
  • Item name origins

Not much, but meh...

Keep soiling ... er smiling!!!

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