Ishi Clarke

aka Jack Jordan

  • I live in Dothan, AL
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Video Gamer
  • I am Male

"Even death cannot save you from the Black King...."

Hello, Demon Hunters, and.... all things very Demon Hunter-y. I'm Ishi Clarke, and I can already tell I might be a good ally in this Pandemonium Fortess-like interpretation of a Wiki.

A spare weapon, some gold, a small gem, is all I ask in exchange for advise you might need on, oh... whatever quests you might undertake.

All pieces of advise handed out by me come with a 2-day warrantee, courtesy of Gheed and Charsi at the Rogue Encampment.

Demon Hunting Preferences.Edit

Ok, so, you wanna know what I prefer to do in Diablo, hmm? Well, to tell the honest truth, I specialize in smash your face in, melee style heroes. So think of me as something like an expert on the Barbarian, the Warrior, and the like.

My personal favorite builds to run with in Diablo II consist of the Double Swing (NOT Frenzarian, that's unfitting for me) Barbarian, the Concentrarian (who also does not spec in Whirlwind, again, not fitting for me :P Notice a trend yet?), the Zealot Paladin, and the WereDruid.

As for Diablo III... well... 'tis a matter of FUS RO DAH and a Barbarian's Bash, combined in one. Proud to say Bash-Onslaught for life on the Barbarian, no matter the patch notes! I came to watch my Barbarian smash every Demon to DEATH, and Whirlwinding through them isn't too satisfying for me, compared to watching them fly across the planet after a Bash to the face.

Want to see his crazy idea of a build? Look no further than here!



For the last time, you may NOT stay, lest you make me angry!

  • Is easily amused with Demons flying all over the place in a big battle, leading to his preference of Bashing over the most overpowered Barbarian builds ingame
  • Has a certain liking for the Lord of Hatred, Mephisto, but knows if he were a Demon, he would be better off serving Baal
  • Generally goes over the line with taunting his foes. Its not uncommon for him to constantly throw insults at the demon he's fighting
  • Does not like getting a Banner through his face, often shouting "OW, I'VE BEEN BANNERED" upon such activities.
  • Prefers the look of El'Druin and possesses a Hearts fetish, shown on his Banner in Diablo III
  • Only accepts few working forms of magic- to be more precise, spells like Healing, Teleport, and Town Portal. If he could run a hero with just those spells, he more than likely will.
  • Often dies because of a funny stunt he pulls off, rather than the initial 'killing blow' in Diablo III. Its not uncommon to see him fly to the moon and never fall back down, die doing the splits, or just break his head by bonking it on a wall.
    • This point may be partly due to the workings of the physics engine in Diablo III. The way physics works does not take into account whoever caused this physical force to begin with. Another possible factor may be in part due to his preference of tanking; as a tank, he can withstand punishment that would destroy even the hardiest, most damaging of the Nephalem.
  • Seems to have a case of the Goatmen, in that whenever something unfortunate or bad happens to someone else, he often goes 'BAAAAAAAAAA' before correcting himself.

A good example of a dishonorable death. Be on your guard at all times, Nephalem!


Hey, Kormac! Lets rob these boys blind!

Favorite Quotes from the Diablo FranchiseEdit

"I will NOT be denied!"

- Male Barbarian, Diablo III

"How tastes your fear?!"

- Female Barbarian, Diablo III

"The crusade marches on!"

-Crusader, Diablo III

"Eternal suffering would be too brief for you, Diablo"

- Barbarian, Diablo II

"What a pity. I was beginning to enjoy the darkness..."

- Necromancer, Diablo II

"I'm NOT impressed"

- Aidan, Diablo

"You're too late!" (laughter)

- Mephisto, Diablo II

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