"Apparently, some bot likes to create other people's userpages >_>" (and if it's a real guy ... don't ban me T_T)

Anyhoo, this is Icen here. I usually hit the random page button and see what the wiki has in store. Of course, I also edit anything that seems wrong though :P

I'm afraid I'm not a regular D2 player (cLoD that is) I play a D2 mod called Median XL most of the time and haven't looked back at my LoD characters again. I still am quite (IMHO) well-versed in Diablo lore and would like to contribute in that area atleast. Although you guys seem to have pretty much everything covered :P

PS: I abuse smileys ... In fact, I downright exploit em. Now where's my whip :D

My contributions (aka self-pimpin')Edit

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Haven't explotred much to comment :P

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