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At this point in time I'm using this page to list Diablo III & Reaper of Souls quests and those that starts them, so I can at some point (hopefully) add this information to those pages they belong to without making any unnecessary edits or mistakes.

Diablo III

Act I:

The Fallen Star = Captain Rumford

The Legacy of Cain = Leah

A Shattered Crown = Deckard Cain

Reign of the Black King = Deckard Cain

Sword of the Stranger = Deckard Cain

The Broken Blade = Leah

The Doom in Wortham = The Stranger (Tyrael)

Trailing the Coven = Leah

Imprisoned Angel = Wounded Man or Leah

Return to New Tristram = Tyrael

Act II:

Shadows in the Desert = Leah

The Road to Alcarnus = Eirena

City of Blood = Captain Davyd

A Royal Audience = Tyrael

Unexpected Allies = Leah

Betrayer of the Horadrim = Leah

Blood and Sand = Zoltun Kulle

The Black Soulstone = No one (starts immediately after the player has collected the last vile of Zoltun Kulle's blood)

The Scouring of Caldeum = Leah

Lord of Lies = Adria

Act III:

The Siege of Bastion's Keep = Tyrael

Turning the Tide = Sergeant Dalen or Tyrael

The Breached Keep = Tyrael

Tremors in the Stone = Lieutenant Lavail

Machines of War = Tyrael

Siegebreaker = Tyrael

Heart of Sin = Adria

Act IV:

Fall of the High Heavens = Tyrael

The Light of Hope = Itherael

Beneath the Spire = Tyrael

Prime Evil = Auriel

Reaper of Souls

Act V:

The Fall of Westmarch = Lorath Nahr

Souls of the Dead = General Torion

The Harbinger = Tyrael

The Witch = Myriam

The Pandemonium Gate = Tyrael

The Battlefields of Eternity = Imperius

Breaching the Fortress = Tyrael

Angel of Death = Tyrael

List of the quest givers (and the number of quests they can give):

Captain Rumford: 1

Leah: 7 or 8 (depending if the player talks with the Wounded Man or not)

Deckard Cain: 3

The Stranger/Tyrael: 13 or 14 (1 as the Stranger and 12 or 13 as Tyrael) (depending if the player talks with Sergeant Dalen or not)

Wounded Man: 1 (unless the player talks with Leah instead)

Eirena: 1

Captain Davyd: 1

Zoltun Kulle: 1

No one: 1

Adria: 2

Sergeant Dalen: 1 (unless the player talks with Tyrael instead)

Lieutenant Lavail: 1

Itherael: 1

Auriel: 1

Lorath Nahr: 1

General Torion: 1

Myriam: 1

Imperius: 1

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