About meEdit

I'm someone who rediscovered Diablo 2 in March 2007. I was checking my CD keys when I started playing and eventually wound up online. Ever since then I've clocked wayy too many hours on this game. I saw a few things that looked like they needed changing and decided to start contributing.

Builds I've PlayedEdit


  • Bowazon. When I'm up for range and have found a decent bow, this class is also a fun one for me to play.



  • Frenzy Barbarian: My favorite Barbarian build. 
  • Berserker:  I didn't find it as much fun as the other barbarian builds, but all magic damage has its perks.


  • Wind Druid: A fun build even if you don't PvP
  • Rabies Druid: Although I had to sneak this one past ancients, he was almost as much fun as the WIndy.


  • Summoner Necromancer: Ladder resets, all you see are sorcs and paladins.  Except me, who solos one of these past Hell Baal every ladder. 
  • Daggermancer: I enjoyed walking this character past Hell Baal, but he's a little more tedious than other characters


  • Avenger: My favorite paladin build.
  • FoHer:  Because all I tend to see are hammerdins, smiters and zealots, walked one of these PvMpast Hell Baal.  Not my favorite sort of build, but it certainly wasn't impossible.


  • So many people start their botting career with this character, it's turned me off playing any sorceress outside of the Enchantress.

Builds in progesssEdit


  • Dragoon: Leap Attack Barbarian, although I'm confused that it's called a dragoon when it's the Cossacks who demonstrate all those stunts of agility.


  • Phoenix Assassin:  Just made it to Nightmare with this one.  A difficult build to walk if not properly geared.


  • Martyr: Also more recently known as the Emodin, Sacrifice is a skill many horse around with in the beginning, but is often forgotten once people get access to Blessed Hammer or Zeal.  I have one presently in Act 5 Hell.  Otto and his Barbarian Hireling wiped out Hell Diablo in less than two minutes.


  • I have an Enchantress in Act 1 Hell  Even with poor equipment, she's quite viable where other builds have Infinity as a requirement due to the fact that nearly everything in Hell has an immunity.

Builds in Order of FavoriteEdit

Summoner Necromancer

Frenzy Barbarian



Rabies Druid




Dragon Talon Kicker

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