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About meEdit

I'm a Zealot or Meteorb, US East. I've been a diablo (and blizzard game) enthusiast for a while now, but diablo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Lately I'm also tapping into the awesome power of the Javazon, and I am sad that I found it so late because a Javazon would be a perfect complement to a Meteorb and an Avenger, but alas I have no

Self-appointed editing guidelinesEdit

  • Never delete work without good, clearly stated reason. For large deletes, always consult an admin first.
  • If you can say the same thing with fewer words, do so.
  • Remove all instances of opinionated, authoritative, first and second perspective language.
  • Be patient with other contributors.

Notes to SelfEdit

Finished Amazon, Barbarian, and Paladin skills. Finished Poison and Bone and curses for necro but not summoning. The rest requires more work. 

Collect amethysts and particularly rubies for crafting. Craft at lvl 71+ only, ideally 76-77 for bramble mitts or 69-72 for heavy gloves. Keep magical leather gloves, hard leather gloves, light plate boots, leather boots, helms, light plate, and their exceptional/elite versions. 

Keep all gems: perfect gems can be used to re-roll charms and other magic items, while lower level gems are used to upgrade runes. SAVE amethysts and rubies for crafting.

Useful low level rune word weapons to consider for my run with my sword barb friend and me (bowzon transitioning to javazon): Rhyme (Shael Eth), Edge (TirTalAmn),  Insight (RalTirTalSol) (meditation aura, good for merc), Steel (TirEl) (very cheap, low requirement), Strength (AmnTir), Zephyr (OrtEth).

Helm: Lore (OrtSol). There are lower level ones but they frankly aren't good imo.

Armor: Myth (HelAmnNef) (barb armor, for friend), Peace (ShaelThulAmn) (for me--just make it in the first three socket I find)

Shield: Ancient's Pledge (RalOrtTal)--good resists, for switch for fighting high damage. Rhyme (ShaelEth)--CBF, block rate, passable resistances, greed.

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